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Victoria: Food Sources  [ list Victorian food sources here ]  
Diamond Butchers

Diamond Butchers
5 Eaton Mall

Excellent range of meat and organ meat available at good prices. Examples:
20 x lamb kidneys - $5
Ox Tongues (1 kilo approx) - $2.00 or $2.50ea
Beef Heart - $3 per kilo
Sets of lamb offal: (1 kilo approx) $2.50
Lamb necks 3 for $2
Pork Hock (1 kilo+) - $4
6 x Lamb Brain (0.5 kilo) - $6

Diamond Butchers will also prepare a whole carcass: goat, lamb, pig, etc. at $4 per kilo. Carcass does not include hair, stomach or anything else unfit for human consumption. Offal as listed above is available separately.

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