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"There's nothing like the real thing!"

Some of the terms used to descrive foods can be confusing, especially as the definitions can mean two different things! Some commonly used terms:

raw meaty bone or meaty bone - the body part of an animal comprised of bone with meat attached. Examples could be neck, wing, leg, ribs, breast with bone in, tail.

L-R: chicken leg (drumstick), duck legs, lamb neck, chicken wing

dressed or dressed carcass - a completely whole animal which has had the head, feet, skin and guts removed. The bones and meat remain untouched, and the heart, liver and kidneys are usually left.

L-R: rabbit, chicken

whole carcass, carcass or whole prey - These terms generally refer to a completely whole animal (fur, feathers and all).

L-R: whole quails,


whole - many suppliers use the generic word "whole" (such as "whole chicken" or "whole rabbit"). This can mean either completely whole or dressed, so be sure to check.

carcass = frame? - carcass is sometimes used to refer to an animal which has been skinned, gutted and stripped of most of the meat & organs. Another word for this is "frame". Frames are a great menu item for carnivores, just as the other items on this page.

carcass = dressed? - carcass is also sometimes used to refer to a dressed carcass!

Not sure which parts come from where? Check out these meat-cut diagrams: beef, lamb, pork, poultry